Wólka Kosowska

Wolka Kosovska is a phenomenon, not only because there are working many foreigners from Vietnam, China and Turkey, who create unique multinational trade center, but also because foreigners live here, build families and send their children to kindergartens and schools nearby. On one of the streets appears billboard advertising a new housing estate, showing the faces of the Vietnamese family.

Shopping centers in Wolka Kosovska mainly consists of Chinese, Vietnamese and Turkish part. All three are multilevel buildings divided into shops, mainly clothing. The primary means of transportation is a kick scooter on which the goods are placed to express conveyance. To the bottom of the kick scooter is nailed piece of wood, where you can put up even a big cardboard box.

In Chinese and Vietnamese parts of trade center are working a lot of teenagers. They are riding on kick scooters in all directions, but their faces are motionless, don’t show emotions. Maybe if we decode writings in Chinese and Vietnamese in elevators, perhaps we will found out what is their attitude to Wolka, their work, and perhaps even to the Poles themselves.