1. Multicultural artistic workshops: Creating “Miranda Gazes upon the Sea”

From 9 April onward, Strefa WolnoSłowa invited Polish nationals and foreigners to took part in creative workshops at The State Ethnographical Museum in Warsaw. A Polish-based extension of the European "City Ghettos of Today" project, these interdisciplinary workshops combined the art of the interview and multiform artistic practices with discussions about the presence of immigrants in Warsaw.

Artists from Italy, France and Finland led the workshops programme together with the Strefa WolnoSłowa team. This phase in the project focused on “repurposing” gathered material through art, and used theatre, video and sound design to translate the histories, interviews and material derived from "The Tempest" that  emerged over the course of the introductory workshop sessions. During this phase of the project, artists were working with participants to create the final performance-installation through a combination of improvisational exercises, sound making activities, videographical exercises and creative writing.

Combining theatre, visual arts and music, the workshop’s crowning moment  were an interactive installation entitled "Miranda gazes upon the sea", which took place on 17 May at the State Ethnographical Museum as part of The Night of Museums .

Workshops led by an artistic group of the project: Pietro Floridia (Cantieri Meticci, Bologna), Alicja Borkowska (Strefa WolnoSłowa, Warsaw), Linda Fahssis (Cie Check Points, Paris), Walter Fondo (Pakunet, Helsinki), Tomasz Gromadka (Strefa WolnoSłowa, Warsaw), Piotr Mikuć (Strefa WolnoSłowa, Warsaw), Marek Płuciennik (Ptarmigan, Helsinki), Alejandro Olarte (independent artist, Helsinki)