Spotlight on the Installation

Members of the public that were interested in taking part in the project during the Night of the Museums were invited to participate in a special workshop several hours before the installation performances. This was a perfect occasion to enjoy a sneak peak of the performance, to have discussions with project artists and researchers and to learn more about their artistic working methods and the many migrant stories collected during the project in Warsaw.

Workshop led by: Elena Basteri (Onelf Theater Company, Berlin), Dagna Dąbrowiecka (Warsaw), Cecilia Deserti (Cantieri Metticci, Bolonia), Louise Glassier (Mediolan), Eveliina Heinonen (National Theatre, Helsinki), Aleksander Robotycki (The State Ethnographical Museum in Warsaw), Rachel Shapiro (Cie Check Points, Paryż), Renata Włoch (Sociology Institute of the Warsaw University).

This event is free. Number of space is limited, so please reserve a place at: