PARTNERS / Teatro dell’Argine

Teatro dell’Argine (TdA) was founded in 1994 with the aim of disseminating drama culture in close dialogue and interaction with the local community as well as internationally. This has been accomplished through various projects, in which culture and art always serve social purposes: Italian and international productions and co-productions of new plays on social/civil issues, drama workshops for children and adults, beginners and professionals, inside and outside schools, theatre projects  carried on with youth living in disadvantaged situations such as migrants and political refugees, theatre projects carried on with mentally/physically disabled children, projects aimed at attracting people to theatre, international and EU projects aimed at exchanging methods or for social purposes (e.g. workshops in Palestinian refugees camps or project Crossing Paths). Teatro dell’Argine is supported by Town Council of San Lazzaro, Province of Bologna, Region Emilia-Romagna, and Italian Ministry of Culture.