PARTNERS / Teatro degli Incontri

“Teatro degli incontri” was created in 2010. It is a team of theatre professionals under the artistic direction of G. Gherzi and is active in Milan’s Via Padova - an urban area characterized by a high concentration of migrants. The aim is to investigate different themes of migrant life in the city and its neighbourhoods and to identify new forms of citizenship involving all social actors - both Italian and foreign. All citizens are called to ask themselves about new possible scenarios of human interactions in metropolitan areas. “Teatro degli incontri” runs theatre workshops for Italians and foreigners, men and women, youth and children. All performances take place in public spaces near the immigrant population. The association is now working on "The Antigone Feast" project and is running workshops for various communities including political refugees, migrant women's groups, children, second generation migrants, and it hosts of a charity house.