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Daniel Malpica: Se escribe con X

Se escribe con X (Written with X) is a graphic score poem from Daniel Malpica, a writer and designer born in Mexico. The writer connects the poem with the ground of Suomenlinna, the fortress island in front of Helsinki. The piece was created to be interpreted together with cellist Sergio Castrillón in a presentation of dialogical improvisation.

The poetry spots with foreign views to Helsinki are created by the writers and poets of Sivuvalo project. The project makes visible the work of writers who reside in Finland but write in other languages. The poems or extracts of texts are chosen according to their relation to different places of Helsinki.

The following link takes you to the graphic score poem in Prezi format:

Daniel Malpica, Se escribe con X, Kirjoitetaan X:llä, Suomenlinna, Helsinki
en Español – espanjasta suomentanut Johanna Suhonen
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