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The programme for this residency embarked upon a double exploration of the problematical concept of « ghettoisation » in two neighbourhoods in the Ile-de-France region: the Goutte d’Or, located within the city limits of Paris in the 18e arrondissement, and the Quartier du Parc, which is located in the northern suburb of Nanterre.  During this exciting event, the company had been soliciting the participation of its many amateur and professional collaborators for an intensive workshop with the City Ghettos of Today’s international artistic team during their residency at the CNHI.  At the same time, Check Points members were equally  working in partnership with other local actors in the 18th arrondissement and in Nanterre’s Quartier du Parc in order to increase opportunities for fruitful encounters between the international artistic team and those participants from whom the project garners its full sense.