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During the second week, participants and organisers used the key words emerged in such categories as stimulations for art workshops involving nearly 100 participants and embraced practices of writing, video, theater, illustration, and music. The final performance, which involved around fifty participants-actors from fourteen different countries, was titled "The Island is Full of Noises", which is a verse from Shakespeare’s "The Tempest". Viewed through this Shakespearean lens, the "camp" signaled a form of isolation whilst simultaneously emphasizing a richness of possible voices and interpretive keys. The performance took place in the prestigious setting of the Cortile del Pozzo (Courtyard of the Well), the courtyard of the town hall of Bologna. On directorial level, it was divided into two distinct phases: an itinerant time where the public could "explore the island", which included many small scenes based upon interviews that were written by the playwright Tomasz Gromadka; and a second more central time which, focusing on the clash between Prospero and Caliban, proposed choral and choreographic scenes that used music composed during the project’s music workshops by the composer Alejandro Olarte.