PARTNERS / Cie Check Points Paris

Founded in Paris in 2013, Check Ponts is a multidisciplinary theatre company that brings artists and project organisers together in order to create performances that unite professional artistic practice and engaged social action.   company’s first creation, "L-Usine" ("The Factory") [Oct 2009], directed by Artistic Director Linda Fahssis, enabled company members to experiment with this socially engaged approach to theatrical creation, most notably by exploring themes related to violence and unhealthy power relationships within the workplace.  Since its creation, the company has similarly evolved alongside a close-knit international network of collaborating artists and organisations with whom it has elected to launch its latest creative project, "The City Ghettos of Today", a European collaborative performance installation that will develop progressively over a two-year period between 2013 and 2015. In 2013, Check Points also lead an amateur creation project that was supported in large part by the European Commission’s programme Youth in Action, a funding programme that enabled the company to create a European platform for amateur theatre artists that was entitled « Migrating theatre-Varsaw ». This project gave rise to another collaborative creation entitled "Koniec Titanica", which was performed in Warsaw’s Studio Theatre Koloon 14 April 2013.  Its next incarnation will take place in 2014, when the project will be performed in Paris in collaboration with the Théâtre de l’Aquarium in the Cartoucherie in Vincennes. In addition to their professional theatre creations, Check Points also actively develops amateur theatre workshops.  However, far from remaining separate from the company’s creative endeavours, these workshops encourage participants to become « co-generators » of the company’s performances.  In this vein, workshop organisers seek to create collaborative works by placing both amateurs and professional artists at the heart of their processes of theatrical research.  Among others, the company leads workshops with refugee communities residing in emergency residences in Pantin, as well as with young adults at the Centre social et culturel la Maison du Bas-Belleville, French-language students of the association AtoutsCours in Paris and high school students in the Paris region in partnership with Cémea in Ile-de-France.