Psychiatric ex-hospital Paolo Pini

The area of ​​the former Psychiatric Hospital Paolo Pini was built in the thirties and early sixties housed about 1,200 inmates. With the closing of the psychiatric hospital in 1999, the former Paolo Pini today constitutes an important resource territorial, environmental and planning that covers an area of ​​nearly 300,000 square meters. The multi-sectoral projects that conversion of Paolo Pini have matured in recent years has led to tangible results and recognized social inclusion and local development. In particular, the combination of cultural projects, participatory, rehabilitative and aggregation (free vegetable garden, painting workshops, theater workshops, sports, children’s shows) with social enterprise projects oriented to the implementation of the public places (bars, restaurant, catering , hostel, theater, festivals) has created interesting elements of urban regeneration. Today they are active in the area of ​​Paolo Pini the following organizations: ASL Milan, Hospital Niguarda Ca ‘Granda, Milan Province, Scholastic Institute Lagrange, Agricultural Technical Institute Pareto, The Fabric of Social Cooperative Olinda, Olinda Association, Association of The Garden Aromas, Association Arca, Azzurra Cooperativa Sociale, Nucleus ACLI, Arci Grossoni, Banda d’Affori, Sports Club afforese.