Project in Warsaw in 2014

“Miranda gazes upon the sea” situated “The City Chettos of Today” in a Polish environment, using artistic exploration as a means of exploring the multiple meanings that the term “ghetto” evokes in the context of contemporary Warsaw. Over the course of the event, participants and members of the public had the opportunity to took part in the numerous theatre, music, sound design and video workshops that make up the programme. Led by members of the project team in collaboration with the State Ethnographical Museum in Warsaw as well as with the Refugee Centre in the Targowek district, this dimension of the project placed the voices of refugees and migrants at the heart of this process of artistic discovery. By conducting interviews and artistic workshops in groups, “Miranda gazes upon the sea” created a space in which to reflect upon the presence of immigrant minorities in Warsaw: do these immigrant populations form inaccessible enclaves? Or, on the contrary, do they form relationships with Polish nationals easily? This project also considered how Polish populations see foreigners and examined their reactions to the presence of migrant communities in Warsaw. As such, events taking place during the first stage of this residency equally provide d a space in which both Ukranian and Vietnamese, immigrants, minorities and refugee populations living in Warsaw was able to add their voices to this debate, namely, through participatory artistic workshops.

Additionally, artists from the artistic team of the project met a journalist and activist, Jan Gebert. The meeting enriched the project research by addressing topics concerning the Jewish community living in modern and pre-war Warsaw.

Combining theatre, visual arts and music, the workshop’s crowning moment were an interactive installation entitled “Miranda gazes upon the sea,” which took place on 17 May at the State Ethnographical Museum as part of The Night of Museums.

The Warsaw-based part of the project is organised in cooperation with The State Ethnographical Museum in Warsaw, the Sociology Institute of the Warsaw University, Foundation for Development “Beyond Borders”, Foundation ‘Ocalenie’, Heinrich Boll Foundation and is co-funded by the European Commissione, the Europe for Citizens programme and by the Evens Foundation.