Polina Kopylova: I am where there are none of us – Я там, где нас нет но, однако

Polina Kopylova´s poem Я там, где нас нет но однако - (I am where there are none of us), walks along Fredrikinkatu.

Polina Kopylova´s poem is written in Russian and translated to Finnish by Pauli Leskinen.


Open the poem from the following link:

Polina Kopylova: Olen siellä missä meitä ei ole – Я там, где нас нет но, однако

An encounter with Polina Kopylova, journalist and poet born in Russia, is in the programme The City Ghettos of Today on Friday Sept 12th at 16:00-17:15 at Stoa, Helsinki.

Poetry spots with foreign views to Helsinki are created by the writers and poets of Sivuvalo project. The project makes visible the work of writers who reside in Finland but write in other languages. The poems or extracts of texts are selected according to their relation to different places of Helsinki.

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