Performance “Island Europe”

From an artistic perspective, the entirety of "The City Ghettos of Today" had drawn inspiration from Shakespeare’s "The Tempest" and has paid particular attention to the relationship between Prospero and Caliban through its various stages: first meeting, education, colonization, slavery, revolt. In this final stage of exploration, the performance"Europe Island" imagined Caliban’s departure from the Island and his attempt to integrate into Prospero’s city. In this imagining of "The Tempest", an old Prospero feared the former slave and subsequently attempts to isolate himself within his city, to defended his own culture and to reject Caliban.
Many of the actors who had previously participated in workshops in one of the project’s seven participating European cities again joined the "City Ghettos of Today’s" international artistic team on this final collective exploration. Together they reflected on the project’s evolution and raise new questions related to the project’s overarching themes: what forces could turn Europe into an “island”? Through which mechanisms might this kind of isolation be realised? How can we understand the notion of “borders” in the context of contemporary Europe? What “rites of passage” do non-Europeans undergo in order to find a place in European societies?

Pietro Floridia, artistic director of the project, director

Installation created by workshop participants and the international artistic team: Alicja Borkowska (theatre), Linda Fahssis (theatre), Tomasz Gromadka (text), Sebastian Klim (lilghting), Piotr Mikuć (video), Luana Pavani (scenography), Marek Płuciennik (video), Alejandro Olarte (sound and music).


Final of "The City Ghettos of Today" in Warsaw. Photo: Łukasz Kupka