Performance and installation “Caliban’s cave”

Similar to a journey, spectators had been encouraged to explore the real and literary islands to which the “savage” Caliban has been confined in an attempt to investigate those factors that contribute to the production of stigma and “otherness”.


Both the installation and the performance were created by the City Ghettos of Today’s workshop participants which, in turn,  led by the international artistic team:
Pietro Floridia (Cantieri Meticci, Bologna) direction and dramaturgy
Silvia Baldini (Teatro degli Incontri) direction and dramaturgy
Alicja Borkowska (Strefa WolnoSłowa, Warsaw), direction
Linda Fahssis (Cie Check Points, Paris), actors training and dramaturgy
Tomasz Gromadka (Strefa WolnoSłowa, Warsaw), playwright
Marek Płuciennik (Ptarmigan, Helsinki), video artist
Alejandro Olarte (University of Arts of Helsinki – Center for Music and Technology), music and sound design