PARTNERS / National Theatre of Finland

National Theatre of Finland cooperates with the City Ghettos of Today –project especially related to a project of the theatre called Reittejä Kontulaan – Routes to Kontula. The participants of the project will have a possibility to continue with different art and theatre activities in the City Ghettos of Today -project. In Reittejä Kontulaan a theatre play is created based on history and actuality of the citizens in Kontula Region in cooperation with the theatre professionals of the National Theatre and citizens living in Kontula, which is one of the culturally diverse areas in Eastern Helsinki. At the moment this area is living an interesting period of cultural. The artistic director of the project is Eveliina Heinonen who partipates in the planning team of the national project. National Theatre offers also space for the project´s public debate in Lavaklubi,located in the basement of the National Theatre.