Multicultural artistic workshops: “Creating the Island is Full of Noises”

Every day, from 30 June until 5 July, from 6 to 8 p.m., the wonderful “Cortile del Pozzo” will transform into a forge of common artistic practices, a multimedia installation, an open market for story-trading, a big atelier where to contribute to theatre, dance, writing and video making workshop.

A team of international artists, led by Pietro Floridia, will take the participants into the creation of theatrical texts, scenes, choreographies, videos, starting from Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”, the most apt, amongst the Bard’s plays, to enable a reflection upon the encounter of different cultures.
The masterpiece will be connected to key words and concepts as ghetto, colonization, education, stigma. The results will be shown within the big performance “An island full of noises”, which will take place at the end of the workshop.

The participants will work at the comparison between the "Tempest’s" plots and characters and a score of testimonies, reflections and papers which investigate the working principles of tools as champ, stigma, isolation and violence of language. The creative output will be elaborated trough different languages creating scenes, texts, choreographies, video, that will merge into itinerant paths towards the final performance.

Workshops led by the artistic team of the project:
Pietro Floridia (Cantieri Meticci, Bologna) direction and drammaturgy
Alicja Borkowska (Strefa WolnoSłowa, Warsaw), direction
Linda Fahssis (Cie Check Points, Paris), actors training and the drammaturgical research
Tomasz Gromadka (Strefa WolnoSłowa, Warsaw), drammaturgy
Sebastian Klim (Theater Institute, Warsaw), light design
Marek Płuciennik (Ptarmigan, Helsinki), video art, video projection
Alejandro Olarte (University of Arts of Helsinki – Center for Music and Technology), music and sound design
Viviana Salvati (Cantieri Meticci, Bologna), drammaturgy
Luana Pavani (Cantieri Meticci, Bologna), scenography
Yulia Vorontsova (Cantieri Meticci, Bologna), choreography

In collaboration with Cantieri Meticci team.