This debate unites all those who question the concept "ghetto", whether artists, social workers, cultural practitioners, researchers, residents or individuals curious to discover more about the work that has been - and will be - undertaken by project team members.  A time to exchange ideas, this event will provide the public with an inside look into the genesis of The CITY GHETTOS OF TODAY.  It will similarly interrogate the complex ethical relationships that link artists, researchers and social workers to those populations with whom they work.  The event will draw to a close by presenting the different forms that the project will take as it makes its way across Europe in the coming months.

The following speakers will take part in the debate (pending confirmation) : Alicja Borkowska (Fondation Strefa Wolnoslowa, Warsaw), Pietro Floridia (Compagnia dei Rifugiati/Cantieri Meticci, Bologna), Linda Fahssis, Rachel Shapiro and the participants of the theatre research workshop No/s Ghettos (Compagnie Check Points, Paris), Aleksander Robotycki (National Ethnographic Museum, Warsaw), Maria Koskijoki (Ethnographic Museum, Helsinki), Louise Glassier (NAGA association, Milan), Elena Basteri (Alternative Européenne, Berlin), Mabrouck Rachedi, Laurence Février, Philippe Ripol (auteurs), Didier Lapeyronnie (Université Paris 7), Sabrina Mahi (Mairie de Nanterre), Marie Poinsot (Musée de l’Immigration, Paris), Outi Korhonen (Art promotion center, Helsinki).