Events in Milan

Through a combination of artistic exploration and collaborative research, "Caliban’s Cave" seeked to situate the very notion of “ghetto” within a double perspective:
- “Ghetto” as designating modern-day Milan and its surrounding suburbs. in interviews and artistic experiments undertaken by the hanks to the interviews and artistic elaborations made by the Teatro degli Incontri team in the viale Sarca and via Gola neighbourhoods,
- Milanese “ghettos” in historical perspective. This axis of reflection aims to unearth the specific historical and symbolic role that the ex-psychiatric hospital Paolo Pini has played both in reinforcing and in overturning dominant conceptions of marginality in Milan. In particular, this conceptual axis identifies the practical evolution of the Paolo Pini hospital from a place of restraint and isolation into one of sociocultural integration and creative expression.
All research activities and artistic workshops opened to both Italian nationals and non-national participants. Working together, participants took  part in the theatre workshops, developing the installation, elaborating performance texts, composing and recording music, and constructing the installation scenography.