Debate: “Gentrification? It’ s the Art, Stupid!”

Moderated by sociologist Baris Ulker of Technical University Berlin, Center for Metropolitan Studies, artists, activists and academics  discussed Berlin, gentrification, social and urban change as well as the role of the artist as both catalyst of gentrification and as producer of alternative spaces and counter narratives of the urban and social environment.

Participants: Baris Ülker (Technische Universität Berlin, Center for Metropolitan Studies), Elena Basteri (OnElf Theater and Performance Collective Berlin), Piotr  Bystrianin ( Foundation “Ocalenie”, Warsaw), Daniel Brunet (English Theatre Berlin | IPAC), copy & waste (Artist Collective), Michelle Teran (visual artist), Lucile Gemaehling (European Alternatives), Helga Dressel (Haus der 28 Türen).