Centre social et culturel P’Arc-en-ciel

Nanterre's P'Arc-en-Ciel is a social and cultural centre that is open to all residents of the quartier du Parc neighbourhood.  It proposes numerous activities: cultural outings, intergenerational workshops, workshops for women and divers initiatives in favour of community solidarity and civic awareness, to name but a few.


Université Paris 8

To this day, Université Paris 8 has always insisted on maintaining a strong link between research and teaching, adapting teaching methods to different kinds of audiences, and providing education for all at every stage of life. In the presented project Paris 8 will share with partners the quality of the faculty and students, the interdisciplinary nature of the classes and research, the fact that it is open to the modern world, and the involvement with the local social, economic, cultural and professional environments. The staff and students will be actively involved at all stages of the project from communication and promotion at the national level to participation in workshop, installation, and debate in Paris. It will also delegate staff to some of the international debates. Additionally it will co-curate and co-organise the Paris debate during the project as well as we will delegate members of the staff to research the “city ghettos of today” in Paris area.

Atouts Cours

The association ATOUTS COURS offers literacy courses, French language courses (FLE) and socio-linguistic workshops for immigrant populations who have little or no French-language ability.  Association representatives are also made available in order to assist these same groups with any administrative processes.  Today, the association proposes 75 workshops, of which 2/3 take place in the 18e arrondissement, led by 60 volunteers and attended by 1200 individuals.


Located in Paris 19th arrondissement and directed by José-Manuel Gonçalvès, the CENTQUATRE provides space for residencies, production and performance for artists and audiences from all corners of the globe. The CENTQUATRE encompasses all forms of art: theatre, dance, music, cinema, video and also culinary, digital and urban art. The vast majority of the centre's programme is made up of artists who are, have been or are going to be in residence at CENTQUATRE. The centre supports and works with young artists and also provides insight into their artistic creations. Conceived as an artistic collaboration, it provides open access to a range of emerging art through a decidedly popular, contemporary and ambitious programme. It is also a vibrant place with shops and areas dedicated to amateur artistic activities and a space for young children.

CENTQUATRE hosted the City Ghettos team during the first week od residency in Paris in March 2014.

Musée de l’Immigration

The Musée de l'Immigration's mission is to collect, safeguard, valorise and render accessible material relating to the Republic's immigration history from the nineteenth century onwards.  In so doing, it seeks recognise integration processes effected by immigrant populations into French society as well as to alter perspectives and preconceived notions regarding immigration in France.  The museum associate to the scientific discourse, an artistic, pedagogical and citizen’s dimension. It is along those lines that the Museum invite artists to a productive process of new forms, to share it, and to make its spaces, resources and project their own. Artists and visitors participate actively at the discussion carried out by the institution.

The Musée de l'Immigration's hosted project team twice: in Marach 2014 nd and in Februrary 2015.