Evens Foundation

EVENS FOUNDATION – sponsor of The City Ghettos of Today project


EVENS FOUNDATION is a public benefit foundation based in Antwerp (Belgium) and with offices in Paris and Warsaw. It initiates, develops and supports sustainable projects that encourage citizens and states to live together harmoniously in a peaceful Europe. Its 3 main action domains are European Citizenship, Peace Education and Media. It awards biennial prizes to highlight achievement and good practice in relevant fields.



kunstZ was hosted The City Ghettos of Today’s residency in Antwerp. kunstZ is a community art organisation focused on employing, engaging and training Antwerp’s minorty groups in order to facilitate their professional insertion into the city‘s cultural landscape. The organisation produces performances in collaboration with their minority partners and is equally a platform for employment in Antwerp and Flanders. kunstZ also runs a theatre-training program for immigrants and foreign-speaking newcomers, the students of which participated in The City Ghettos of Today project.


University of Antwerp

Seminar in the range of “The City Ghettos of Today ” project in Antwerp: Breeding grounds. New citizenship and art forms in urban diversity

This seminar was provided a platform for a dialogue between the artists, cultural practitioners and researchers as well as a group discussion which were discussing the myriad dynamics of working with an din a diverse society.
Diversity in urban areas presents specific challenges and opportunities, particularly in the arenas of social integration, solidarity and culture. Are top-down policies in these domains better equipped to facilitate social harmony in these areas or is a bottom-up approach more conducive to congruous living amidst diversity?

Antwerpen Noord

Multicultural district of Antwerp.

MAS Museum aan de Stroom

The performance “Under sail” took place on the 8th floor of the museum MAS, with a view on the city and the port. The students of the kunstZ academy were presented the results of the workshops in a multidisciplinary installation.

The Museum aan de Stroom (MAS; Dutch for: Museum at the river) is a museum located along the river Scheldt in the Eilandje district of Antwerp, Belgium. It opened in May 2011 and is the largest museum in Antwerp.
The MAS is a ground-breaking museum that tells the story of the people, the past, present and future of the city of Antwerp and the world.