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The fifth installation in the collaborative European project "The City Ghettos of Today",  "Caliban’s Cave" was an exciting cross-disciplinary event that incorporates artistic workshops, a multimedia installation, a public debate and a culminating performance in Milan.

At the heart of this project lied a desire to redefine and re-examine the concept “ghetto” in the context of today’s closed migrant districts. Through artistic creation and sociological research, we aimed to create a space in which to examine and discuss the multiple stories emanating from migrant “ghettos” of Europe. How do we talk about “ghettos” today? Is it possible – and even necessary – to redefine the word in a manner that more accurately reflects the multiform realities that constitute our contemporary urban landscapes? What role do “ghettos” play in constructing a European identity? What factors contribute to phenomena of “ghettoization” in contemporary Europe? What are the dynamics that contribute to the implantation of migrant communities throughout Europe today and how do they connect to the collective memory of Europe’s past?


Number of participants of the project events in Milan:
Direct number of participants: 84





The City Ghettos of Today in Milan
9 – 19 October 2014

The project’s Milanese residency had been organized in collaboration with the Olinda Cooperative and the Teatro degli Incontri theater company. Overseen by “The City Ghettos of Today’s” international artistic team, all workshops, installation and final performances comprising “Caliban’s Cave” held in the TeatroLaCucina, the latter of which is located in the ex-psychiatric hospital Paolo Pini.

1. Study day
When: 14 October 2014 at 6 p.m.
Where: TeatroLaCucina, ex Ospedale Psichiatrico Paolo Pini, Milan

What factors and/or mechanisms create “ghettos”? How do actions concerned with preserving human rights intersect with the multiform issues that contribute to perpetrating segregation? How is the broad notion of “ghetto” understood differently in cities taking part in the trans-European project “The City Ghettos of Today”? These questions provided a framework for collective discussion and discovery involving project researchers, artists and workshop participants.

2. Artistic workshops: “Creating Caliban’s Cave”
When: from 10 to 19 October at 7.30 p.m.
Where: TeatroLaCucina, ex Psichiatric Hospital Paolo Pini, Milan
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3. Theater performance/ audiovisual installation “Caliban’s Cave”
Artistic workshops result.
When: 19 October, at 9 p.m.
Where: TeatroLaCucina, ex Psichiatric Hospital Paolo Pini, Milan
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