Chains of dialogues: territory and vital space in Helsinki

The chain of dialogues
is an experimental method that we will use in Helsinki to explore the people´s relation with their territory, including ourselves. The dialogues are based on a horizontal encounter. The two participants first agree on the questions to treat. The themes are related to the individual territory and vital space.


Starting points in bus-stops

The dialogue takes place during a walk in the residential area of one of the two participants. The starting point is a bus-stop or metro station. The person who has been invited to a dialogue will ideally continue the chain inviting another person to participate. With every new participant the questions are redefined, new questions will replace some of the old ones. The appearing of new questions and disappearing of the old ones will be documented.


Languages as branches

Every participant of the dialogue will ideally do dialogues in each language that he or she can speak. Thus the dialogue chains will have new branches in different languages.



The dialogues will be documented with an audio recording and photos that the people take. A text resume will be written of the dialogues if possible. The changes in the questions will be archived. If the participants want help for the documentation, they can ask for it from the team contacting the local coordinator.


To define their own questions the participants of a dialogue can start with these proposals:

Territory – space

  • What is your first memory related to this place (the place where you live)?

  • And the most detailed one?

  • An individual experience in this area that has made you feel you belong here?

  • And one that has made you feel you do not belong here?

  • Which are the limits of your territory?

  • Where in this area do you stand still? Why?

  • How is this place in comparison to the one in which you lived before?

  • What kind of traces have you left in this place? And how has this place -or someone in it-  influenced you?

  • Are there specific points or people who create the spirit of this place?

  • Which sounds form the soundspace of this place?

  • How do you see your future in this place? And the future of this place without you?

  • Positive processes?

Vital space (more abstract than the territory)

  • Are there limits that separate you from a world that you would like to form part of?

  • Is there a ghetto space in your life, voluntary or involuntary?

  • Which are the groups in which you belong to and the ones in which you definitely do not?

  • What do you want to change in your vital space?

  • Which processes of participation do you want to strengthen in your life?

  • Future?

If you are interested in participating you can contact Outi Korhonen,