Residency and workshops outing directed by Pietro Floridia

With the participation of the international artistic team : Linda Fahssis (Company Check Points, Paris), Alicja Borkowska (Strefa WolnoSłowa Foundation, Warsaw), Tomasz Gromadka (Strefa WolnoSłowa Foundation, Warsaw), Marek Pluciennik (Ptarmigan, Helsinki), Alejandro Olarte (indipendent artist, Helsinki), Luana Pavani (Compagnia dei Rifugiati/Cantieri Meticci, Bologna), Nicola Bruschi (Fine Arts Accademy, Bologna), Piotr Mikuć (StrefaWolnoslowa Foundation, Warsaw), Weronika Chinowska (Strefa WolnoSłowa Foundation, Warsaw).

The ghetto, very often concerns primarily an individual’s interior sphere. Often it is a state of mind of being imprisoned in the ghetto. The ghetto should be open. Literature can be a way to open it. Trying to read the dynamics of the “ghetto” through the filtres given by Shakespear's The Tempest and its re-interpretations  give us,  is our way to search  for the possibilities, movement (if not other than of the thought itself) and freedom where at the first glance we can see only locks, coercion and paralysis.

We are going to explore the districts, often isolated, as the island of Prospero. We are going to contradict Prospero’s dominant speech – by affirming that the throne of knowledge is transfigured through the power of many voices,  different voices of many Calibans, many Ariels, many Mirandas with their strategies of expression in the interstices of the Prosperos speech.

Performance director - Pietro Floridia