Antwerp info

These areas like ‘2060’ in Antwerp already have a very diverse population of different nationalities living there for some years or for generations. The newcomers seem to find their way to these areas relatively easy. Here there is a specific dynamic and solidarity among the newcomers and between the newcomers and the people of the neighbourhood. Not only newcomers and immigrants are populating these areas, also young Belgians start a family here because of the cheaper house prices and the attraction of living in diversity. The city government has been investing in these areas. By building a new library, a park and investing in housing the city has tried to improve the quality of live in these areas. Cultural organisations are also drawn to these areas because of the dynamics. By locating their cultural houses and starting up projects, cultural organisation hope to learn from these different nationalities and enhance cultural live in these areas.
We will use the stories and experiences of these arrival areas to examine the concept of ghettos. Are these areas the ghettos of today or are they something completely different?