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Performance “Island Europe”

From an artistic perspective, the entirety of “The City Ghettos of Today” had drawn inspiration from Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” and has paid particular attention to the relationship between Prospero and Caliban through its various stages: first meeting, education, colonization, slavery, revolt. In this final stage of exploration, the performance”Europe Island” imagined Caliban’s departure from the Island and his attempt to integrate into Prospero’s city. In this imagining of “The Tempest”, an old Prospero feared the former slave and subsequently attempts to isolate himself within his city, to defended his own culture and to reject Caliban.
Many of the actors who had previously participated in workshops in one of the project’s seven participating European cities again joined the “City Ghettos of Today’s” international artistic team on this final collective exploration. Together they reflected on the project’s evolution and raise new questions related to the project’s overarching themes: what forces could turn Europe into an “island”? Through which mechanisms might this kind of isolation be realised? How can we understand the notion of “borders” in the context of contemporary Europe? What “rites of passage” do non-Europeans undergo in order to find a place in European societies?

Pietro Floridia, artistic director of the project, director

Installation created by workshop participants and the international artistic team: Alicja Borkowska (theatre), Linda Fahssis (theatre), Tomasz Gromadka (text), Sebastian Klim (lilghting), Piotr Mikuć (video), Luana Pavani (scenography), Marek Płuciennik (video), Alejandro Olarte (sound and music).


Creative workshops – preparing “ISLAND EUROPE”

In creative workshop led by artists from Italy, France and Finland  took part participants involving in the process of creating from different cities, as well as by Warsaw-based members of Strefa WolnoSlowa. The workshop focused on transforming video and audio materials gathered from all cities taking part in the project for used in the “Europe Island” performance and installation. It also included theatre, video and sound activities based upon characters and plot elements from Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”. The workshop culminated in a performance entitled Europe Island which was presented on 24 January at The State Ethnographical Museum in Warsaw.

This workshop  led by Pietro Floridia (Cantieri Meticci, Bolonia), Alicja Borkowska (Strefa WolnoSłowa, Warszawa), Tomasz Gromadka (Strefa WolnoSłowa, Warszawa), Linda Fahssis (Cie Check Points, Paryż), Alejandro Olarte (freelance artist, Helsinki) and Marek Pluciennik (Ptarmigan, Helsinki)

Interactive installation “Island Europe”

Through the year, researchers and artists focused on topics connected with refugees and migrants, the life within city ghettos and seeing European cities through the eyes of foreign minorities. Participants and public guests of Warsaw’s culminating installation had a unique opportunity to see and get to know the trajectories of individuals who had came to Europe from various corners of the world through a variety of theatrical and audiovisual lenses, ranging from recorded songs and interviews to videos, multimedia installations and performances, all of which constituted creative landmarks on the artistic map of “The City Ghettos of Today”.

MAS museum

MAS Museum aan de Stroom

The performance “Under Sail” took place on the 8th floor of the museum MAS, with a view on the city and the port. The students of the kunstZ academy were presented the results of the workshops in a multidisciplinary installation.

The Museum aan de Stroom (MAS; Dutch for: Museum at the river) is a museum located along the river Scheldt in the Eilandje district of Antwerp, Belgium. It opened in May 2011 and is the largest museum in Antwerp.
The MAS is a ground-breaking museum that tells the story of the people, the past, present and future of the city of Antwerp and the world.

University of Antwerp

University of Antwerp

Seminar Breeding grounds. New citizenship and art forms in urban diversity  in the range of “The City Ghettos of Today ” project was held at Antwerp University (3rd of February 2015)

This seminar was provided a platform for a dialogue between the artists, cultural practitioners and researchers as well as a group discussion which were discussing the myriad dynamics of working with an din a diverse society.
Diversity in urban areas presents specific challenges and opportunities, particularly in the arenas of social integration, solidarity and culture. Are top-down policies in these domains better equipped to facilitate social harmony in these areas or is a bottom-up approach more conducive to congruous living amidst diversity?


English Theatre Berlin | International Performing Arts Center

English Theatre Berlin | International Performing Arts Center is the German capital’s only producing and presenting organization in the Hauptstadt expressly dedicated to English, the 21st century lingua franca, as the working language.

Our year-round programming comprises the Producing Series – Made in Berlin (in-house productions), the Presenting Series (selected international productions and work from Berlin’s independent performing arts community), as well as our Performing Series(concerts, comedy and more from Berlin’s English performing arts community) andPedagogy Series (cultural and drama education). We are a proud member of Berlin’s freie Szene, the independent performing arts community, and are currently developing platforms to share our work within Germany and abroad.

We consciously use theater and performance as living, discursive forms to bring artists and audiences into conversation with each other about our shared city and the greater world we live in.

English Theatre Berlin | International Performing Arts Center receives funding from Regierender Bürgermeister von Berlin, Staatskanzlei für Kulturelle Angelegenheiten.



Radio dla Ciebie, „Niedzielny poranek”, Beata Jewiarz
Weronika Chinowska and Tomasz Gromadka talk about the Warsaw residency live in studio
Emission: May, 4th 2014 at 7:30 am