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“What is your ID?”

“What is your ID?” is a workshop for youngsters and adults which focuses on European values, inspired by the film “I am Europe” by Jef and Margot Vingerhoedt, produced by the Evens Foundation. The film sets the mood with regards to how Europeans think and by which set of values they act. The workshop “What’s your ID?” takes these quotes and examples as a starting point and endeavours to dig deeper. Do we have a set of values in Europe which everyone shares? If so, do we all have the same interpretation of these values? Is the European Union a union based on values? The workshop does not hold the answers to the questions posed. It allows participants to reflect on European values based on concrete examples, situations and on their own experiences. The workshop is offered free of charge to all groups wanting to reflect on the theme of ‘European values’. The ultimate goal is for citizens across Europe to make use of the workshop “What’s your ID?”. The Evens Foundation and Ryckevelde vzw hold all copyrights.

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Citizen´s Forum – Kansalaisfoorumi

The Citizens’ Forum’s mission is to build civil society through culture and civic education offered by organisations.

The Citizens’ Forum’s vision has been established as follows: By 2013 The Citizens’ Forum SKAF is a competent and recognised player in the field of culture and civic education, that through the training provided by organisations show up in people’s quality of life, in an enhanced communality as well as in cultural development.

Central concepts guiding this work are learning, human growth and development.

The Citizens’ Forum’s actors and target groups are

    • - people interested in learning, particularly in member organisations
    • - organisers of clubs and courses
    • - tutors /coaches
    • - member organisations’ elected representatives
    • - external users of educational services
    • - people interested in developing civic and organisational work
    • - developers of civil society


  • The Citizens’ Forum SKAF is one of eleven actors in the field of liberal, that is, non-formal education provided by organisations in Finland. For its educational work the study centre receives financial support from the Ministry of Education of Finland, based on the Act on Liberal Education.


The prison in Służew area in Warsaw

On 9th of May the artistic team of the project vistited the prisoners. It was an inspiration for discussions regarding questions of isolation, closure and personal development whilst in seclusion.  Underpinning these workshops was the desire to uncover and develop creative means for survival, taking initiative and finding the inspiration to create and to rebuild in whatever space one occupies.

Audio recording from artists visit in the Prison in Służew area in Warsaw, May 2014